Nonduality in the UK

The word nonduality refers to the state or quality of being undivided. Literally there are not two separate parts. It is suggested that the ultimate state or quality of reality itself is nondual. The realisation of this is sometimes known as liberation.

Nonduality ‘Teachers’ in the UK

David Bingham
Non-conceptual awareness is the awareness within which all experiences arise. It is the knower of everything that is known.

Lisa Cairns
As soon as something gets labelled, and that label is taken as truth, it becomes the next noose to be hung by.

Steve Ford
When we are not projecting thoughts or emotions, all we are is an opening for being - for true expression.

Jeff Foster
Awakening to oneness and rediscovering our unique humanness. Welcome to the ultimate adventure!

Suzanne Foxton
Nothing exists, despite appearances. All there is, is this, exactly as it is.

Tim Freke
Immerse yourself in the wonder that spontaneously arises when we become conscious of the breathtaking mystery of existence.

Nic Higham
Is life really what you think it is? Let's look at life with fresh eyes and an open heart.

Richard Lang
The headless way is a method of self-enquiry pioneered by Douglas Harding.

Roger Linden
Liberation is the realisation of the obvious yet unimaginable reality that the experience of life does not include a personal self.

The recognition and direct experience of being.

Tony Parsons
Apparent separation is seen essentially as an embodied contracted energy which can simply and suddenly release into that boundless aliveness which is unknowable and impersonal.

Halina Pytlasinska
When self-identity ceases, it is seen that there is only infinite awareness.

Love is not a feeling, it is the essence of who you are.

Mandi Solk
The belief that we are all separate from each other is the cause of all suffering.

Rupert Spira
Nothing is closer to or farther from experiencing than anything else; nothing is made more or less out of experiencing than anything else.

Richard Sylvester
When oneness is seen, it is realised not only that this is all there is, but that this is enough.

Are you willing to die to everything you think you know ... for the love, playfulness and open-freedom you really are?

Nondual Therapy in the UK

Tim Carrette
That which causes us fear, anxiety and depression is caused by the stories our minds play out rather than on noticing, that which is true here and now, in this very moment.

Ellen Emmet
Nondual Therapy is a space that is wide open. It is a deep listening without judgment that we come to knowingly share.

Fiona Robertson
The Living Inquiries are an exceptionally effective tool for seeing through our beliefs about ourselves, other people, and the world.

Martin Wells
Individual and group therapy from a nondual perspective. The focus of attention is on the revealing of our true nature beyond the illusion of ego and the individual self.

John Witney
Nondual Therapy is a diligent exploration of the nature of your immediate experience and a fearless exposure of any contradictory assumptions and beliefs. Nondual Therapy is the ultimate reality check!

Nonduality Groups in the UK

Nonduality London
London socials and meetings with nonduality speakers.

Nonduality North
Nonduality events in north-west England including meetings with nonduality speakers and social events.

Nonduality Books, Audio & DVD, in the UK

Nonduality Press
Founded in 2004, Nonduality Press has established itself as the leading publisher of contemporary literature on the subject of nonduality.

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